Bedding, linen, uniform, shirt, underwear, t-shirt, polo, hoody, coat, top, yoga,     infant clothes, nappy, blanket and fashion clothes….are made of nature, ecology,     functionality, classic bamboo fiber fabric.
  Bamboo fabric have high top quality, extremely soft feel, good colors, gorgeous       luster and fine workmanship which are quite appreciated by all our customers…
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Bamboo Fabric

(knitting and weaving)

Modal fabric


  Modal fabric from bambrotex is for yoga, underwear, T-shirt, baby clothing, bedding and blanket....Modal fabric will be your second skin to profect you.

.We can supply lenzing hang-tag for customers,
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Bamboo towel

    Bambrotex have developed towels of Bamboo Home towel, bamboo Spa towel ,   bamboo Sport towel

  Bamboo towels are with the characters of Green & Healthy, Extremely soft,   Naturally anti-bacterial, Highly water absorbent…
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Bamboo top

Mix with any wool type fibers like cashmere. Used for trouser and suiting fabrics… (learn more)

Hemp fabric (viscose and original)


    Anti-smell, heathy, fashional, green, soft, comfortable, eco-friendly, it is hemp viscose fiber and fabric…   (Learn more)


  Natural Anti-bacterial, heathy, fashional, green, cool, natural , comfortable, eco-friendly, it is original hemp fabric…   (Learn more)

Bamboo yarn

   Easy for knitting, weaving and dyeing. Used for fabrics, towels and socks. Four   types of yarns: ring spun yarn, siro yarn, open-end yarn, compact yarn, and the super dyed yarn (colored yarn).… (Learn more)

Bamboo fiber


 It is a natural, green, soft, anti-bacterial, anti-UV, moisture absorptive, breathable,   comfortable, environmental and eco-friendly fiber…Bamboo can be spun purely   orblended with other materials such as cotton, hemp, silk, Lyocell(Tencel)),   Modal,   cotton chemical fiber and so no…

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Lyocell fabric(woven and knitted)


  Luxurious fabric, right fabric, very well feeling fabric, eco-friendly fabric (learn more)

Bamboo bedding

  You have heard about bamboo bed sheets and you think it's time that you try them   for yourself. Before you do there are some important things that you must know   first in order to be properly armed with the right information. (learn more)

Bamboo origin fiber

 Original bamboo fiber is also called as natural bamboo fiber. Original bamboo   fiber is a kind of really natural, green, healthy, eco-friendly type fiber due to be   directly picked up from natural bamboo, using physical and mechanical method to   make pure natural bamboo fiber without any chemical additive…
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  Bamboo bathrobe  

  Bambrotex have developed bamboo bathrobes of Bamboo adult bathrobes, kids   bathrobes… (learn more )
  Bamboo diaper  

  We are specialized in manufacturing the baby’s pocket diapers, made of 100%   bamboo and bamboo/organic cotton, bamboo/cotton and hemp/cotton.... (learn   more )
  Bamboo blanket  

  Bamboo blankets are made of bamboo fibers with the characters of
  anti-bacterial,luxuriously soft,high absorbent,healty,organic green…
  Hypoallergenic and naturally resistant to germs
  Allows air to circulate, keeping you remarkably comfortable
  Bamboo grows quickly and is therefore highly renewable and ecofriendly (learn   more )

> Introduction of Bamboo Fabric

Bamboo fabric can absorb and evaporate human sweat in a split second. Because the cross-section of bamboo fiber is filled with various micro-gaps and micro-holes, bamboo fabric has much better moisture absorption.

Supported by BambroTex, those leading bamboo fabric manufacturers have developed beautiful bamboo cloth. Their new collection of bamboo knitted and woven fabrics successfully avoided pilling and shrinkage problems. These bamboo fabrics include single Jersey, Interlock, and Rib...etc

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