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Bamboo fabric FAQ

Q: Why so many people choice bamboo fabric?
A: Because bamboo fabric is fantastic properties, super soft and smooth like silk, breathable and cool, fast water absorption performance and natural anti-bacterial.

Q: how absorbent is the bamboo fabric? Is it good for babies’ nappy or diaper?
A: we make various tests, such as contrasting bamboo fiber, yarn and fabric with cotton fiber, yarn and fabric, and we found bamboo fiber is approximately 40-60% more water absorbent than cotton. And it is similar in absorption to hemp.

Yes, of course bamboo fabric, especially knitted bamboo fleece, terry and velour, is best for baby diaper and nappy. Of course, bamboo interlock and single jersey is good for diaper insert. Because bamboo fabric is comfortable to the baby skin, and natural anti-bacterial and anti- odor, it is important bamboo fabric is fast absorbent.

Q: which composition fabric do you recommend for baby diaper?
A: as usual by our experiences, we think 70%bamboo/30%organic cotton is better. Yes, bamboo fiber strength, especially wet strength is lower than cotton. And we hope the bamboo diaper can be washed more times with it fantastic properties, and at the same time it is safe for baby. The 30%organic cotton is the best rate to makes up the bamboo fabric short, at the same time, bamboo fabric fantastic properties can be kept.

Q: how may times can be washed for bamboo diaper?
A: about 700 times

Q: why does bamboo fabric work well in underwear, yoga cloth and sport wear?

  1. Because bamboo fabric is amazingly soft, extremely absorbent, fast absorbent and natural anti-bacterial and anti-odor. For so many fantastic properties, all people who use bamboo fabric think bamboo fabric is new generation cool fabric products and your best choice.

Of course, except 100% fabric, you can pick up use 70% bamboo /30% cotton (or organic cotton, model and tencel), 95%bamboo 5%spandex, or 68%bamboo/27%cotton/5%spandex, or other rate and material to make fabric which you want.

Q: is bamboo fabric good for people allergy?
A: don’t worry. Bamboo fabric is good for all people including allergy people. Because bamboo fabric is hypoallergenic, meaning it has a decreased tendency to cause allergy

Q: I hear bamboo fabric is used in bamboo bedding production, can you tell me more?
A: Bamboo textiles are very new in mainstream clothing and bedding, bamboo has quickly become the people’s choice for an all purpose sustainable fabric that meets today's eco standards for textiles.
Bamboo bedding is
Feels cool in the summer and warm in winter
Does not pill, so the silky softness lasts and lasts
Natural anti-bacterial



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