Bamboo compact yarn

Intro of bamboo compact yarn
The process of bamboo compact spinning is designed to reduce hairiness in bamboo yarn. In traditional spinning bamboofibers in the selvedge of strand emerging from front roller nip do not get fully integrated into bambooyarn because of restriction to twist flow by the spinning triangle. These fibers therefore show up partly as protruding hairs or wild fibers. To overcome this effect, the spinning triangle is nearly eliminated in compact spinning by incorporating a condensing zone after main drafting zone. The condensing zone has a revolving perforated apron with suction underneath. The fibers are collected on the perforated track and thus get condensed. The width of strand under front roller nip is substantially reduced and this enables twist to flow right up to nip
Eliminating the spinning triangle at the delivery section of the front roller produces quality bamboo compact yarn with low hairiness and high evenness and higher tenacity.

Benefits claimed from compact spinning (bamboo compact yarn)
 1. 15-20% reduction in hairiness of yarn.
 2. 10-15% improvement in yarn tenacity.
 3. Twist in yarn can be reduced by 10% while maintaining same yarn strength.
 4. Better evenness of diameter and hairiness.
 5. Better abrasion resistance of yarn leading to fewer ends breaks in weaving. Loom shed droppings and linting in knitting are reduced.
 6. Size% reduction 30-50%.
 7. Singeing can be omitted.

The bamboo compact yarn is reduced pilling and better dye uptake in fabric.

The bamboo compact yarn is quite appreciated by all of our customers.


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