The End-use of Bamboo Fiber

Bamboo fabrics are made by pure bamboo fiber yarns, which have excellent Wet Permeability, moisture vapor transmission property, soft hand, better drapery, easy dying, splendid colors. It is a newly founded, great prospective green fabric.

Bamboo intimate apparels

include sweaters, bath-suits, mats, blankets, towels have comfortable hand, special luster and bright colors, good water absorbance. Bamboo fiber has such a sole function as anti bacteria, which is suitable to make underwear, tight t-shirt and socks. Its anti-ultraviolet nature is suitable to make summer clothing, especially for the protection of pregnant ladies and children from the hurt of ultraviolet radiation.

Bamboo non-woven fabric

is made by pure bamboo pulp, which has same property as viscose fibers. However, bamboo has wide prospects in the field of hygiene materials such as sanitary napkin, masks, mattress, food-packing bags due to its anti-bacteria nature.

Bamboo sanitary materials

include bandage ,mask, surgical clothes, nurses wears and so on. The bamboo fiber has natural effects of sterilization and bacteriostasis, therefore it has incomparably wide foreground on application in sanitary material such as sanitary tower, gauze mask, absorbent pads, food packing and so on. In the medical scope, it can be processed into the products of bamboo fiber gauze, operating coat, and nurse dress, etc. Because of the natural antibiosis function of the bamboo fiber, the finished products need not to be added with any artificial synthesized antimicrobial agent, so it won't cause the skin allergy phenomena, and at the same time, it also has competitive prices in the market.

Bamboo decorating series

has the functions of antibiosis, bacteriostasis and ultraviolet-proof. It is very advantageous for utilization in the decorating industry. Along with the badly deterioration of atmosphere pollution and the destruction to the ozonosphere, the ultraviolet radiation arrives the ground more and more. Long time exposure to ultraviolet irradiation will cause skin cancer. But the wallpaper and curtains made from bamboo fiber can absorb ultraviolet radiation in various wavelength, thus to lessen the harm to human body farthest. What's more, bamboo decorating product won't go moldy due to the damp. Curtain, television cover, wallpaper and sofa slipcover can all be made by bamboo fiber.

Bamboo bathroom series

enjoy good moisture, soft feel and splendid colors as well as anti bacteria property, which are well popular in home textiles. Bamboo towel and bath robe have soft and comfortable hand feeling and excellent moisture absorption function. Its nature antibiosis function keeps bacterium away so that it won't produce bad odour.

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