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             Bamboo Fabric Q&A
Q. What’s bamboo fabric main product?
A. Baby nappy, diaper, underwear, uniform, bedding, towel, cushion, T-shirt……

Q. what’s bamboo fabric strong point?
A. As usual we contrast bamboo fabric with cotton fabric. For example, woven garment fabric is more drapability, softer than cotton fabric. And for baby’s nappy and diaper is more absorption, airy and natural antibacterial. For underwear, bamboo fabric underwear is more comfortable than normal cotton fabric material

Q. does the bamboo fabric have advantage in price?
A. we think fabric quality, function and health determine fabric cost. Bamboo fabric has so many functions (anti-odor, anti-bacterial, ecology, amazing softer, and absorption, airy….), but it price is only higher about 10-15% than cotton fabric, we have to say, the value of bamboo fabric is beyond its price.

Q. how can the customers wash and care bamboo fabric? …easy to wash?
A. We recommend using the neutral detergent or weak acid detergent when you are washing the coat or fabric. Also we recommend the temperature is below 150 ℃ and the time is not over 30 minutes when you dry bamboo fabric. The best dry temperature is 110~120℃. Iron temperature is not over 160℃. And the washing temperature is 40~60℃.

Q. which downstream products are you developing in 2010?
A. because underwear T-shirt and bedding have reached maturity, and for bamboo fabric super soft, absorption, airy and anti-bacterial and anti-odor we are developing the series baby and children product. And the mothers very like bamboo baby series produce, such as bamboo fabric nappy, diaper, baby blanket and hat.




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